Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's just a page with pictures and a song but its genius...

I'm kind of being forced to write this - well not really but I was planning on never posting again for various reasons, however I have another post and not much to say so I'll just recap what's happened recently

Unit 4 exams went surprisingly well - I actually had fun doing both of my music exams so everyone in my music class thinks I'm crazy. Having finished 2 Yr12 subjects I now have as many spares as classes not even including the crappy supervised study periods. It sounds really good but it's getting pretty boring. Today I had 45 minutes of class and 4 and a half hours of NOTHING.

Musical auditions - rock. I got a call back for possibly one of the most awesome characters ever ~ an overweight opera diva wardrobe. It's only a small role but it would be SO MUCH FUN to play. Whether I get the role or not Beauty and the Beast is going to be heaps of fun anyway.

Finally my favourite piece of news (though some people may not be as excited) ~ CATHRYN IS COMING TO TOWN!!!! Much like Santa only sooner. CATHRYN'S COMING!!! As you can tell I'm really excited... Really really excited...

Thats it.


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