Saturday, October 15, 2005

Selbst Engel weinen, Engel leiden, sie verzweifel wie jeder ander

Ok now to be honest I only signed up to blogger to add a comment to Pat's awesome blog. Because he is awesome. Which is why we have the Pat Fan Club - secret handshake and all.

Anyway as the name of this blog page suggests, it is a page of bore. Mine in particular but the more the merrier. For example - today sucked. No doubt about it. Firstly, it was casual clothes day which I HATE. Its just a chance for people to pretend they're punks, models, goths, whatever tickles your fancy. At our school at least, it's a competition to see who can buy the most expensive and Cleo-esque outfit. So of course I wore some old baggy pants that still have sauce stains on the leg from the Melbourne Show, and a t-shirt I found lying around in my room. Total cost $0 - I lose. We also had a maths test today. Though when I say we I actually mean they...I didn't go. So I was literally scared for my life when I passed my teacher at school later in the day. I'm going to get a beating of a lifetime. But who honestly likes maths?! Well obviously not me.

So as I await my impending doom I shall say - why the hell are you reading this blog you loony?

Goodnight Australia


Anonymous blair h said...

now this is getting wierd, i must start my blog up again... :D

9:41 pm  

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