Wednesday, October 19, 2005

English smells like teen lack of spirit

So... creative task for english... any ideas?! ahhh I'm ment to be doing a concert today at lunchtime and it's gonna be SO SHIT!!! except for Toby cause he's awesome. For Yr 12 music we have to prepare a 25minute repertoire for our exam and today at lunchtime Toby and I are supposed to be performing our repertoirs for an audience to get some practice doing it infront of people so we don't shit ourselves when we get to the exam - like we wont anyway... but this morning when I was practicing my voice died - I actually couldn't sing half the notes in the majority of my songs so now there's only one song that I can do in full and I have to sing that one at lunchtime instead of all 7 songs which is a relief but still - FUCK I'VE GOTTA SING. And people keep teasing me saying they'll come - like David grrrrrrr [glares at dave]. So I hope no-one comes and then Toby and I can both cry cause we've got no friends to come and support us but then we can celebrate cause we didn't have to sing for everyone. woot bring on the celebration booze.

Today seems like a very Missy Higgins day to me. and Ben and Nena but every day is a Ben and Nena day. It's a bludgy day as far as school goes - English, Spare, Lit, Maths, though I've vowed never to go to another maths class this year. School's been relatively boring recently - just preparing for exams which is one of the most boring tasks any educator decided to set his/her class. We children are like sponges apparantly so if they slack off their teaching job and just give us practice exams, what does that show us? Take shortcuts!! And what do they tell us? Don't take shortcuts!! It's one of the many do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do instances in our society but lets not get started on that...

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How did that go?

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